NWCSI Programs

  Sustainable Energy

We're developing innovative strategies to cover as much of our region as possible with energy efficiency improvements.   For instance, we're creating community-based energy services that can save industries, local residents, commercial establishments, and others 10-50% on energy costs.  We are helping to train local talent in the process, creating jobs.  All this is to strengthen our local economy and provide a model for how to deal with the energy crisis.

We developed a Home Energy Service as part of this effort.  The service has now been 'spun off' into the Energy Solutions Project (www.energysolutionsproject.org).

Experiential Education about Sustainability

We're developing exciting learning experiences for people of all ages who want to know more about sustainability issues and become part of the solution.  Check out our new Energy Sustainability Short Course, and our Citizen Science course!  There is also a Frequently Asked Questions sheet that explains more about the new Energy Sustainability Short Course.

Green Building

We have developed cutting-edge workshops to heighten awareness and increase implementation of green building, remodeling, and purchasing strategies in our region.  As energy and materials costs fluctuate, we aim to demonstrate practical, cost-effective ways to revitalize local housing markets, through smart innovation and attention to long-term sustainability.


Sustainable Business, Sustainable Community

We assist local, regional, and national organizations who need to adapt to a rapidly-changing economy and regulatory environment, and who wish to attain a greater degree of sustainability.

Water and Sustainability

We are based on the Puget Sound -- our team has worked on a wide range of water-related sustainability issues, and continue to develop innovative solutions in that realm.


For more information, contact us at   info (at) nwcenterforsustainability.org       .