The NW Center for 
Sustainability and Innovation


We believe that "community" will be a watchword for the 21st century.    


Our Community

We are based in beautiful Skagit County, Washington.  We're committed to working together with our Skagit community and region to develop solutions that work here and can be replicated.   

    This means: 

  • Providing locally-based energy services, to save money and energy for local residents and businesses over the long haul;
  • Helping to educate and train local people re: energy efficiency and sustainability-related work;
  • Finding ways to help our community move toward a more sustainable and vital economy;
  • Assisting local businesses to tap into sustainability;  and
  • Engaging the public in education about sustainability.

Our community-based programs have national and global implications.  We are working with colleagues in other counties, states and countries.  Our community is local -- and, in this age of the global information superhighway, it is also much larger.