Our highest priority is to respond to the current energy crisis with smart, innovative solutions.

Board of Directors

Howard Armstrong:  Past President, Skagit Audubon Society;  Retired Skagit Schoolteacher

Douglas B. Johnson, Ph.D.:  Sustainable Energy, Agriculture, and Business Consultant

Charlene Day:  Educator and Concerned Citizen


Advisory Committee

Walter V. Cicha, Ph.D.:  Technical Business Analyst, NRC Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information;  Sustainable Energy Expert (Vancouver, B.C., Canada)

Edward S. Hoffman:  Marketing Consultant

Martin Selch, M.E., M.S.:  Past Administrator, Commercial Energy Efficiency Program, XCel Energy;  Engineer & Energy Efficiency Expert (Bellingham)

John Vanden Bosche, M.E.:  Principal Engineer, Chinook Wind (Everson)

Dan W. York, Ph.D.:  Senior Research Associate, American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy


Executive Director                           

Steve Hoffman, Ph.D.:  Sustainability Consultant since 1997


Program Development 

Maria Hansen, MSSW:  Social Worker, Community Advisor, Project Development