The NW Center for 
Sustainability and Innovation


Our Nonprofit Mission: 
To solve pressing problems of sustainability, with special focus on the Pacific Northwest, through education about and implementation of leading-edge innovations.


The central dilemma of sustainability is:  Can we maintain high quality of life over the long term, without causing irreparable harm to our nest and ourselves?  

Gasoline price and supply issues provide a perfect example.  How long can we depend on gasoline so heavily?  Will natural gas prices one day follow oil?  If they do, how will that shake our society and economy?  And what should we do about climate change?

We need to take effective action now.  We can retool.  The good news is:  we can revitalize our economy and society by becoming more efficient and sustainable.  

Let's use every appropriate innovation and all our smarts -- and let's do it.


Our Program Areas:

Sustainable Energy

Home Energy Efficiency

Sustainability Education:       
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Green Building

Sustainable Business